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For Software Engineers

As a self taught software engineer, I've come to appreciate the value and insight of mentors and experienced professionals in the industry. Writing about my experience has become a reflective practice as well as an opportunity to pay it forward.

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For Entrepreneur

Whether Polar Notion, Tenrocket, New Story, or the other businesses we serve, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well. Sharing experience and insight continues to refine my understanding and hopefully save others the pain of trial and error.

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Rookie Founder Guidebook

Starting a business for the first time is rough. With some much to learn on the fly, it can feel like you're taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back. Without a business school education, most of our learning has been through trial, error, and reflection. This guide compiles the key learnings that...

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For Startups

Beyond typical entrepreneurship, tech startups are a unique beast. While the definition varies, I work off the distinction that a tech startup focus on innovative ideas, scaleable pursuits, and leveraging modern technological practices. Where venture backed or bootstrapped, the aspirations and...

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For Parents

In the winter of 2015, my wife shared the exciting news, "We're pregnant." Since then, I've been fixated with the idea of intentional parenting and exploring how we can build on the firm foundation provided by our parents.

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For Leaders

Whether starting a business or leading up within a thankless organization, leadership is about a mindset more than a title. Sharing experiences and insights of leadership, submit to the believe that when the leader gets better, everyone gets better.

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